Dakine Andy Irons Pro Surf Traction Pad Camo

Pyzel Surfboards


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<p>Dakine honors the loving memory of Andy Irons (1978-2010) with the Andy Irons Pro Pad. This legacy pad is part of the Dakine Andy Irons Signature Collection, which includes a generous annual donation of funds gifted to his son's trust. Irons 3-piece pro pad was built with input from Andy and features a 5mm center arch with 20mm ramp tail kick offered in color choices that stay true to Irons' enduring legacy.</p>
<li>2 Year Limited Warranty</li>
<li>Dakine Positraction</li>
<li>Three piece pad</li>
<li>5mm center arch</li>
<li>20mm ramp tail kick</li>
<li>3M&reg; high grade adhesive</li>

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