An Insight with JJF

It’s true about how sports have these insane relationships with the coach and athlete, in this case between John John’s relationship with Pyzel and how family like they are with each other. The trust he has with Pyzel boards speaks miles and the trust paid off last october obviously.

After the whirlwind months since winning his maiden world title in October. John John has opened up on his life, what’s inspiring him and how beginning his training regime has catapulted his status to be the man to beat in the water. Its an interesting read about how much he admits his control on life is a make up of who he is, however when he talks on his boards he goes on to say “I know how they feel… a little bit stiff in the tail. I have a general idea by not as deep as others”. It goes a long way to understand your craft you ride and the commitment it takes to be at the top of the game. You can read on further here.

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