ElectraLite Surfboards

ElectraLite Surfboards are an Epoxy Tech board that has been designed to replicate the ultra-light weight feeling of a Pro board, but with more strength and durability than your traditional PU blank. Light and strong ElectraLite boards are engineered with a flex that is designed to last. Using Stringerless EPS blanks, custom designed Web-fused Carbon reinforcement on the bottom and deck you get long lasting, resilient flex memory, and we glass them with 6 ounce bottoms and 6/4 ounce decks.

The result is a very light board with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, added flotation for better paddle power, and a fresh, lively feel. ElectraLite Tech is a great way to bring new life to your favourite High-performance board, or to get a little extra out of your Funformance, small wave design.

  • - Stringerless EPS Blanks
  • - Custom designed Web-fused Carbon Engineered Flex.
  • - 6oz bottom, 6/4oz deck for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.
  • - Light weight, extra flotation equals better paddle power without added volume.

Comparison between our Electralite and Standard EPS/Epoxy constructions


  • Electralite is our lightest weight construction, which makes it a good choice for surfing weaker, slower types of waves and we mostly recommend it for our Funformance models. 


  •  Standard EPS/Epoxy is lighter than a regular board and is great for all types of waves and surfboard designs and the light weight can help raise your surfing performance up a notch.


  •  Both are made with fused celled, light weight EPS foam (styrofoam) and glassed with Epoxy resin (which glows bright white in sunlight) .Electralite has NO stringer, Standard EPS/Epoxy has a 3ply wood stringer just like our PU boards have.


  • Electralite has wide carbon strips down center top and bottom to add some stiffness to the stringerless blank and strengthen it.  SInce it has no wood stringer it also comes stock 6oz bottom, 6/4oz deck.


  • With stock glassing both are lighter than a normal PU surfboard, but Electralite comes out slightly lighter than Standard EPS/Epoxy because it has no stringer which adds weight.


  • EPS is stryorofoam which is lighter than normal PU foam, so also a bit weaker, but Epoxy resin is stronger than traditional Polyester resin so that makes up for that by making the outer shell of the board stronger.


  • Niether of these constructions are bulletproof and they will dent, buckle and break just like any surfboard will, but characteristics of epoxy resin does make them slightly harder to ding.


  • These types of boards do float a little bit better than a normal board simply because they are lighter than a normal board, and while that does help a bit with paddle power, it is not so significant that you need to alter anything about the design of your board to make up for that.  


electralite surfboards

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