ElectraLite Surfboards

ElectraLite Surfboards are an Epoxy Tech board that has been designed to replicate the ultra-light weight feeling of a Pro board, but with more strength and durability than your traditional PU blank. Light and strong ElectraLite boards are engineered with a flex that is designed to last. Using Stringerless EPS blanks, custom designed Web-fused Carbon reinforcement on the bottom and deck you get long lasting, resilient flex memory, and we glass them with 6 ounce bottoms and 6/4 ounce decks with combo of E and S cloth.

The result is a very light board with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, added flotation for better paddle power, and a fresh, lively feel. ElectraLite Tech is a great way to bring new life to your favourite High-performance board, or to get a little extra out of your Funformance, small wave design.

  • - Stringerless EPS Blanks
  • - Custom designed Web-fused Carbon Engineered Flex.
  • - 6oz bottom, 6/4oz deck with S-cloth for exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.
  • - Light weight, extra flotation equals better paddle power without added volume.


electralite surfboards

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