Pyzel Surfboards
The <b>Slab</b> is a model best described as a shortboard in the back with a stubbier, shorter nose board at the front. It helps you feel more loose and lively with a smaller board that also holds through turns. It has a flatter entry rocker as well with a single to double into a slight vee out the tail. Works great in a number of conditions and wave heights, with plenty of volume in the front.

The <b>Pyzel Slab</b> has a lower nose rocker making it quick from take off as well as being very drivey down the line. Added tail rocker lets you use all the extra speed for crazy turns, and keeps it ultra loose and free.

Don't forget to also check out the <a href="/surfboards/jjf-slab-2-0.html">Slab 2.0</a>, a more refined version of the original Pyzel Slab geared towards more everyday conditions.
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