Yow J-Bay 33" SurfSkate

Pyzel Surfboards


The J-Bay is the latest in the dream waves series from Yow SurfSkates. Turn your local footpath or skatepark into your very own J-Bay dream wave! Skate like you're on a perfect J-Bay peeler, with multiple sections (not to mention a sneaky barrel or two). No need to wait for the swell to come up or turn offshore when you can surf the concrete!

Size: 33″ x 9.85″ x 19″ WB
Wheels: 66 x 51mm 78A Blue
YOW System: S5
Concave: Performance
Rocker: Tail Rocker

The Trucks
All Yow skateboards feature the revolutionary locking front truck, which gives you the best of both worlds. Carve like a surfboard at your local skatepark and then when you’ve got the long cruise home, just insert the pin to lock the front truck and the board rides like a regular cruiser.

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